The two materials I use most often in my jewels are solid brass and sterling silver. Brass is my favourite material to work with for its ancient origins— having been used to adorn humans for thousands of years. Brass shines a brilliant soft gold when fresh and shiny, and will age and patina uniquely to a darker gold with time and wear. The metal is particularly durable and can be polished to its original lustre and doesn’t risk fading like gold plated and filled metals, so these pieces truly can become golden heirlooms.

Brass is a beautiful golden alloy of copper and zinc and will last a lifetime. The metal will tarnish and patina over time yielding a unique aged look, but if you’d like it to remain bright and shiny a little extra care is required. The piece you receive has already been treated with a wax coating to prevent tarnishing. Here are some ways you can care for your brass piece:

  • Keep your piece out of water (ie. showering, swimming)

  • Use a jewelry cloth to polish and shine

  • If you find your piece is looking dull, use a toothbrush and warm soapy water to clean. Ensure that you dry thoroughly afterwards.

  • Store in a ziplock bag (so that it has less contact with air)

**You may notice some greening on the skin while wearing— this is super common and it just a reaction with your skin and the copper in the brass. Totally harmless, and will wash off or fade.