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One of a kind statement rings each with solar rays radiating outward from a beautifully unique, one of a kind Australian Opal centre.

 Ring E in the second picture :)

Each ring may be sized up a full size.

Brass is a beautiful golden alloy of copper and zinc and will last a lifetime. The metal will tarnish and patina over time yielding a unique aged look, but if you’d like it to remain bright and shiny a little extra care is required. The piece you receive has already been treated with a wax coating to prevent tarnishing. Here are some ways you can care for your brass piece:

  • Keep your piece out of water (ie. showering, swimming)

  • Use a jewelry cloth to polish and shine

  • If you find your piece is looking dull, use a toothbrush and warm soapy water to clean. Ensure that you dry thoroughly afterwards.

  • Store in a ziplock bag (so that it has less contact with air)

**You may notice some greening on the skin while wearing— this is super common and it just a reaction with your skin and the copper in the brass. Totally harmless, and will wash off or fade.

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